Visual language week 1-Analyze visual elements

Visual language week 1-Analyze visual elements 

Adobe Media Encoder Illustration: 

Edge Reflow – Import Photoshop and Illustrator assets


1. About:

Yukai Du, a illustrator and animator from China, currently based in London.

It is a graphic design work visualizing a story about edge reflow of Adobe Media Encoder importing photoshop and illustrator asserts. The designer compare the edge reflow of importing asserts to the railway stevedoring work. Workers stand beside the railway carriages to get, put, deliver and exchange goods to the right places. Data, information are abstracted into colorful lumps with different textures.

2. Color



Color system in the design work has a strong sense of brightness and hue contract. The dark blue color sets the background that make the other colorful elements standing out. The color clash of  blue background and the yellow hue elements emphasize the visual contraction. However, as each color has been added to greyscale adjustment, the whole color effect become mild and relief.

3.Grid System


All the lines vanished at one point, makes the image looks comfortable and reasonable.

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The horizontal lines are arrayed in comfortable orders. And ratio of the height of the biggest block A to the combination of the height of other blocks B is approximately equal to 1:0.618, which is the Golden Ratio.

4. Texture


Colorful spots enrich the bumps color effect and make the whole image full and variety. We can see the containers have not been added with small spots, but the data has. The spots analogy a metaphor indicate the complexity of the data.

Link to the design work:


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