Pcomp_Switches and LED circuits_Magic time for a glass cup mat!

After seeing the very interesting application Mustache Switch, I wonder if I could make a interesting application with just Switches and LED circuit.

Firstly, I made a LED circuit. In order to make them brighter, I gave them 5V input, and made a parallel circuit with 3 LED. To protect the components in the circuit, I added a 220Ω resistance.


Let them work!


I held a glass of ice water, thinking about what to do next. I observed my surroundings, trying to find some inspiration. I looked things through my glass cup and everything seems be distorted into strange but interesting shapes. How about make something interesting with glass? I turned on the laptop on my iPhone and let a beam of light illuminate through the glass of water. It was very beautiful when light reflect and refract between  glass and water! How about using the glass cup to trigger the switch? If I put a glass of water on the LED and it turns on directly?

How about a cup mat!? When I put the glass on the switch, the LED light up!

Then I figured out one thing that my glass could not stand still on one single switch. So I decided to make three switches in parallel with each other and form a triangle to hold the glass. So if any of the switch were triggered, the LED will turn on.


This is the final circuit looks like. In order to make the switch reachable by the glass, I made a bow on the LED, and use tapes to permanent their position.


After finished making the circuit, I began to think about the cover of the cup mat. I cut a piece of paper from a ads magazine and fold it into a box.

456 IMG_3338

Dig two holes, and embed the bread in the box.


put the glass on the hole, and here is the magic time!





Actually, I don’t regard this design as a interactive design, as it does not interact with people. However, I am considering embed some interactive functions inside this design. For instance,  binding the cup mat with Facebook. When the two person put their glasses on the mats in a near distance, the more similar of their shared info detected (hobby,music, interest,etc.), the more similar light will light up, which could be used for the blind dating!

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