Bubbles Variation_ICM_week_2

It is my second time programming. I really want to code something to match my website”Bubbles”.

My project URL:http://sabrinaaa.com/ICM_week_2/

At first, I made a quick draw in Adobe Illustrator and input every component in Java Script. It was quiet a heave work, after three hours, I made a stuff looks like this:


But the whole image is still  with no random, I wonder how to make these mushrooms appear randomly.

After seeing Leon’s perfect work, I was very impressed! http://itp.leoneckert.com/icm/week2/  I referenced his code to learn how to fill the components responsive to the mouse position and make components appear randomly, which is different every time when I open the URL.

Below is what I created:

38B5DB36-55C3-45B2-86A9-D8409A13ECF7 111135jpg


Every time when you open the browser, the bubbles will show in a different way. The light of bubbles will change when you move your mouse.

Below is my code:



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