To my beloved live tutor Ms Dai Linong,

Happy Mid-autumn Festival!


It is a collaborative work, I am working with Ruta Kruliauskaite.


My inspiration came from Wu Guanzhong’s oil painting “Spring”. It really caught my eyes when the very first time I saw it, and I wonder it would be so amazing if I could make this beautiful spring scene alive! And what if the season could change from spring to winter using a slider?1418607337612ERgrw

Last week we started looking into conditional statements: if/else, while, for. It made our lives a bit easier and opened doors to a much bigger imagination (and more sleepless nights).

Work flow:

1.I drew a background painting in Adobe Illustrator, and then change the color to make it looks like winter.

spring_011 冬-011

2.Then I created a code blogs of ellipses, and created vectors to let them freely move into the canvas just like the plants grow in spring and the snow dance in winter.

3. Ruta built the slider to let seasons change when sliding the slider, and the plants turn into snow.

4. We revised the program together.





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