I made an extension on my glass mat this week. The color of light could change by the temperature of the water. If the water is hot than 24 centigrade, the red LEDs light up, else the blue LEDs light up.

The circuit looks like this:


IMG_3477  IMG_3473


Task: Observe different ways people unlock their iphones.

User Number: 16

phone type:6*iphone 5s,  10*iphone 6

User Age: 23~28

Observation Flow:

Send users messages by Facebook Message or Wechat, and observe how users unlock their phones. After observation, ask users about the reasons for their behaviors.


There are three ways to unlock iphone5s and phone6.

Time  :  C>B>A(if A did not fail);

IMG_3494 IMG_3497 IMG_3495 IMG_3498

A:Use fingerprint

8 users used fingerprint identification to unlock their iphones.

reason1: “This is convenient!”( It is bothersome to input the password)

reason2: “Fingerprint is cool, it is more technical than password input!”


B: slide the slide bar on the below side of the screen + Password Input

5 users used this method to unlock their phones, for the reason that fingerprint identification always fail.


C: slide the message + Password Input

3 users used this method to unlock their phones.

Reason:” I could directly see the message when I slide the message. If I slide the screen, I need to go to the app first, then see the message.”


If an physical interaction is easy failed, users will feel frustrate and may not use the kind of interactive method latter.

Always offer multiple choices for users.



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