visual_language_week_3: Signage and Wayfinding Systems


  1. An mysterious sign on a street near my home:


On the lower half, a “P” is in a red circle of the sign with a broom on it. What is the meaning of this icon?

I thought it had some relationship with the parking rules. However, the text on the red circle gave me an interesting clue: “Don’t Litter”. There is also a time explanation on the right side shows “9:30~11:30 TUES & FRI”.  So what I got is a very ridiculous interpretation that people are not allowed to litter during  9:30~11:30 TUES & FRI because there would be a street cleaning during that period.







2. The light problem of a railway signage


It is difficult to recognize the text on the railway sign when night approaches, especially when there are strong lights above and below the sign.

3. How to find the restaurant?


The advertisement sign is consist of a plate of food on the bottom side, a line of words ” KICK HASS GUAC” in the middle, and a icon on the top. How to get to the restaurant? As there is no telephone number or location on the sign to help users find the restaurant when the advertisement catch their eyes, and it takes some time labour to search the restaurant info by themselves, users are easily giving up finding the restaurant when they have some other food choices.

4. Emergency


This is a sign in the apartment I live in. I spent two seconds to read this sign the first time I saw it.  As every second matters in emergency, I think the design of the sign should be improved. For instance, the color of ” YOU ARE HERE” and “STAIR” could be changed into green, which could help improve the reading efficiency.


This MacDonald sign really caught my eyes when I first saw it on line. The sign only have a half of “M”,  and the glass reflect the other half. The optical effect is more obvious at night than in the day, which successfully matches the words ” open all night”. To conclude, this sign is designed for the targeted users who get out at night for food!




Use color to emphasis important info. Let user quickly know where they are and where is the safe stairs. The green color offers people the mental suggestion of safety!

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