This is my first time trying to combine ICM and Pcomp together. My partner is Melanie Hoff, and we had a very glad time working together today.

Our goal is to combine P5.JS code with Arduino digital input by using a switch to control the media effect on a screen. We made brainstorm and got many ideas. I came up with an idea that we could use a hand-made switch combined with the code I programed yesterday, a bubble popping up effect, to make it looks like people using brainwave to control the bubbles on the screen. And we decided to do that.

Melanie connected circuits, and I combined Arduino code with P5.JS code, and We together made the hand-made switch. The code is embed at the bottom of this blog. We made two iron rings connected with power and ground respectively,  and a a conductive tape hidden in hair . People put the rings on their index fingers and touch two ends of the conductive tape to close the switch. I also tell people to make a sizzle in their mouse.


IMG_3632 IMG_3631 IMG_3630

The visual computational media effect:

URL for the mouse-control version: http://sabrinaaa.com/ICM_Week_5/

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Two parts of code: Arduino & P5.JS




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  1. Sabrina, this is a great start, and it will make it easier for you moving forward with applications where the microcontroller talks to the laptop. For your next project, consider how to close that interactive loop. Once the computer reacts to your action, how can it prompt you to take another action? What happens after you have the great idea and the bubbles stop moving?

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