A Impressive Logo-“South Beauty”

South Beauty is famous in China, both its food and brand are very impressive. The character in this logo is originated from a Chinese traditional Changing face performance, which is an Opera Art in shaping the use of a special Character. The face in this logo figures a hero general in Ming dynasty Liu Zongmin, who was honored as  “The militarily Deity of Wealth” for his witty and courage. The face is consist of four colors, red, yellow, black and white. And all the colors has a traditional special meaning in Chinese Culture. Red represents power and courage, and never give up in face of challenge. Yellow represents creating wealth and fortune of money. Black means grave and serious while white means harmony, and these two colors combined together presents the auspicious clouds.



The Chinese Character is specially designed to combine the traditional words with a modern presentation to match the brand culture, which is the combination of food from orient with the environment from westward. The meaning of the Chinese words is “The delicate South of China”, and it is translated as “South Beauty” in English. The Chinese words  and the English words had been united into one style, gave the logo a sense of harmony and comfort.



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Logo Design for my blog – “Bubble”


The logo is made from colorful rose petals. I had a bunch of colorful roses that is beginning to fade, in order to make its beauty to stay, I decide to take advantage of the rose petals to make my own logo for my blog, and to try something new.

IMG_3701 IMG_3727

The petals are so beautiful that inspired me to create some color combination. I use two pieces of old curtains as the background, a bunch of rubber band as decoration, and the petals as my drawing pen. Overhead is a photo I took for the most beautiful petals. I was so impressive and surprised to find out there are even some petals have the Gradient Ramp, which widened my inspirations of color combination.

Below is what I made on the curtain:


I made some color revise and delete the background of my feet:


I have tried some other possibilities to work on this photo, such to give the first letter “B” a shape change from the Myriad Pro Typo to petals, but I am still trying.


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