Front Side

The front side is originated from a picture I found online, and I am really fond of this pattern. Every line is well aligned with each other. And words have good readability. The black dots gave the whole page a sense of rhythm.


I colored it in pink and used my best typography “Oriya MN ” to print the information. And I change the regular style into bold style to enhance the readability. I also added some small squares to match the back side.


Back Side

My Chinese name is “Muqing Niu”, which starts with “Mu” and ends with a letter “u”, which is the first reason I choose these two Characters to express the spell of my Chinese Name. Secondly, I want to become a user experience designer after I graduate from ITP, so I hope “U” could also represent “UX”. Besides, my last name “Niu(牛)” represents “calf” in Chinese Zodiac. So I Shaped this “Logo” as a calf.



I planed to try something new on my name card style. I printed it out as a gift card. And I wrote a Chinese character inside each card, which is word from a Chinese song, depicting the spectacle landscapes changes by the changing of time, weathers and seasons .


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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