For the most gorgeous star in the sky: “夜空中最亮的星”

After going to moon’s workshop for “sound”, I was totally impressed that music can be played in such interesting way! I decided to create my own!

My goal is to create a visualization of music that the bubbles on a drum, and they jump up when they feel the sound vibration. The jump height is based on the amplitude and frequency of the sound input! And there should be shining stars in the background relate to the meaning of the song as well as the music rhythm.

Code Reference:moon
Rhythm Creation :

Adjust the physical movement of the balls. Add resistance to control their speed to mach the rhythm of the song.

Image Button:

Without Using createButton(),  but it’s my first time using  “True” and “False” boolean to control music play and pause by “function mousePressed(){}”. I change the icon image in “function draw(){}” thus it won’t be covered by background as“ mousePressed function” will only be executed one time .



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