Pcomp_week8_Final_Proposal_How Aliens Connect from Parallel Spaces

Muqing Niu & Xuhui Xu


1. Generate implicit understanding through a shared experience without the use of direct interaction.

2.Illustrate the long term effects that individual moments have on the whole. (How individual movements contributes to the development of whole story. Nowadays, interaction is mostly emphasized in real-time feedback, but we want to develop a new way of interaction with delayed feedbacks.)

Inspiration Come

1.Xuhui’s midterm project: Two people stay in the same space with different perspective. ()

2.  Muqing’s midterm project: The goal to this project is to make connection between two spaces. Bubble Billiards is an interactive experience where the user can bridge the physical and virtual worlds. They can push a “real” glass rod into the screen to change the trajectory of bouncing virtual glass baubles.

3. Application Speech: The lecturer showed us splendid simulation system of the universe, gave us inspiration of doing something interesting by connecting two parallel universes.


  1. Let two strangers interact with each other without direct communication.


2. The goal is to connect two parallel spaces. Individual movements make a litter further approach to the universal connection. The whole story telling is based on time and the amount of participants.




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