1. Pandora music box

In a dark night like an abandoned town or castle, or a cemetery. where silence lays everywhere but not any light. You can create light by creating music. The way is just toby press the key board, each button represents a tone or a music motif. The combination of the tone and motif creates the chord pieces. Every your movement could possibly light up a little part of the scene. I will probably record the whole process of your trying, and you can export your own gothic chord pieces after you finishing lighting up the whole space or you want to stop your playing. If I have time, there probably be different scenes represent different music style but not only the gothic style. The whole vision of my ambition is to let people feel the different music style cross various cultures, people, and even in different historical periods, which all have very different music style, motif and composition. Many music styles even don’t base on the twelvetone equal temperament. Feel, understand, music by creating and trying.

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Inspiration came:

1.A music piece from the movie “Les Choristes” : L’Arrivee A L’Ecole ;

A music piece from web that I think is very splendid:

2. Monster Chorus Game:Remind me that I could let different part of the element sing.


3.Limbo: My best gothic style


2.Implicit Understanding (Collaborate with Xuhui Xu)

Let two strangers interact with each other without direct communication.Generate implicit understanding through a shared experience without the use of direct interaction. The interaction could be in the form of music, visual graphic objects like shapes, colors, light.

user proposal-02

The diagram system looks like this:



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