Pcomp_week_9_Project planning

Muqing Niu & Xuhui Xu



Generate implicit understanding through a shared experience without the use of direct interaction. Let two strangers interact with each other without direct communication.




Illustrate the long term effects that individual moments have on the whole.The goal is to connect two parallel spaces. Individual movements make a litter further approach to the universal connection. The whole story telling is based on time and the amount of participants.




Part 1: Set up the time schedule.


part 2: The table of materials


part3: System diagram


2 Responses

    1. In the user testing class, user feedbacks are very constructive. We found out many users are just focusing on the story telling of the universe connection but not the communication itself. So the most important approach we made after the user testing is that we decided to abandon the whole story of showing the effects individual moments have on the whole, and just focus on generating the implicit understanding between two human beings. We want to create a scene where people could do the cooperate music generation, to have patience, to follow, to compromise,to understand, and to create. The changes of music in turns changes our rhythm, closing a loop of dialog between living beings after the immersive experience. Finally we shapes our implicit understanding with another living being, with the world around us.

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