Animation_Week1_Storyboard_Silent world

Sabrina Niu & Naizhen Yang

I just roughly call this project “Silent world“, and I guess Naizhen and I could generate a great name later.

Work Flow:

We came up with several proposals after brainstorm.  After further thought, we decide to do with the story that I came up with and we both think it is worth digging more. A silent, black-white world where the only creatures are puppies who never made a voice in their whole life time. One day, for some reason a boy tries to break the rule and release his voice, and gradually he uses his voice turned the whole world colorful.

Naizhen and I revised the story together, built the whole story structure to hold every scene together.We explored every scene proposals together in forms of words, rough sketch, trying to make every scene and the transfer reasonable and meaningful.We brainstormed the main character’s feature together and after many times of trying, the “boy” and the”bird” comes to life.

Then I painted the final storyboard sketches while Naizhen typed the story and wrote the words for every scene.


1.The background of this story is a silent world. In this world, all the roles’ mouths are stitched.

IMG_4105 IMG_4107

2.One day, a boy found a wounded bird; its stitch was taken off. he boy brought it back and took care of it.

IMG_4108 IMG_4109

3.At first, the boy tried to stitch the bird’s mouth again.


4.In the process of stitching, the bird hummed and made some voice. The voice thrilled the boy and made him put down the scissor.


5.The bird tried to make more and more voice. Strange at first, then became graceful. The boy kept taking care of it and fascinated to its beautiful voice.


6.The bird recovered gradually. One day, the bird flied away and leaved the boy alone. The boy missed the bird and its voice with his whole heart.


7.He looked into the mirror and took the stitch off painfully. He tried to make voice. Badly at first, then became smooth and elegant. He kept singing day by day, from morning into midnight.


8.The voice got loud and clear, and waked other people kept silent in whole life. They turned on the light and extended their heads out of windows to figure out what is happening. In the end, a group of birds flied through the town and echoed the boy with beautiful voice.IMG_4118

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