Animation_week2 “Crack of Silence”

Last week, Naizhen and I started to make our animation “Crack of Silence”. The background of our story involves a silent world. In this world, all the roles’ mouths are stitched together. One day, a boy finds a wounded bird; its stitch had been taken off. The boy tries to stitch the bird’s mouth again. However, the bird hums and makes out some voice. The voice thrills the boy and he becomes strongly attracted to the bird’s voice. One day, the bird flies away and leaves the boy alone. The boy misses the bird’s voice and takes his own stitch off in pain in attempt to hear his own voice. He keeps singing day by day. His voice gets loud and clear, and eventually awakens other people who have kept silent during their whole life…

IMG_4105 IMG_4107  IMG_4108IMG_4109 IMG_4110 IMG_4112IMG_4111 IMG_4114 IMG_4115


We made a doll to be the boy at first. For the boy’s head, we broke two IKEA’s hanging dryers and combined them together. Then we tore a pillow to make his body. Meanwhile, we made a bird by the rest of the pillow. They looked like what we designed before and we all like their charming silly faces.


IMG_2978-e1447655878179 圖片1-1

However, the dolls were hard to be controlled. Even though we tied a string on its hand, it still swung all the time. Some details of movements, such as hugging the bird and using the scissor, couldn’t show vividly. Most movements could not work smoothly as well.

Therefore, we decided to combine other materials in the animation. We took some storyboards we draw last week into the animation. In addition, we added some music, voice effects and subtitle in it.

The process of making animation taught us some lessons: First of all, we should consider the mobility of dolls more carefully, especially how to make the doll stand and turn around stably. Second, the time of making animation is longer than ordinary video. We should take time factor into account.


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