Final_in Progress…..

This week, Xuhui and I stick on the final project. Our goal is to build two separately spaces. The visual effect looks like they  are  dabbling the water on the wall, meanwhile generating music to get implicit understanding between two strangers.

our division cooperation in this week :

Water effect in processing

Music(music effect + coding in p5)

Combine two parts of water and music together in processing.

Testing Kinect in processing, trying to get coordinates of the minimum depth of user’s.


1.Visual Effect – Water ( flame ) on the wall




2.16 pieces of music motifs in Sibelius a.

Divide the canvas into 16 spaces.Give each space a music.

If there is already two pieces is playing, when the third one is triggered, stop the first one.



3.Looking into the “Kinect+ processing” code reference, try to get the coordinates(x,y) through the depth of the users.(seems not accurate)



Next Scope:

1.visual improvement


3.Installation part


Installation setup + Usability test


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