This week, we are fortunately have a new team mate, Xuhui Xu. The team is getting more stronger! We revised and made improvements about the story talking and drew some new featured images to fill in the whole story.

We plan to build up a silence world where the mouth of every creature has been sewn up. Then one day the little boy find an injury bird on his apartment, and help to raise it up. He find that the wire of bird’s mouth has been teared up a bit, so he decides to fix it. However, when he takes away the old wire and tries to stitch it up again, the bird makes a sound. He is so wired about it cause he has never heard the sound coming out from the mouth. After hearing the sound other creatures appear to be attracted, they  jump around the bird as if they are dancing with the music. Little boy is shocked by this scene, and he cut out all the wires of his pet, they all try to make a sound. Then finally, he cut out his.


  1. The whole world has no color, no voice, everyone is silent walking.
IMG_3163 IMG_3164
2.protagonist go back to his apartment alone,

IMG_3165-e1448249963220 IMG_3166

3.He has several pet living with him, but they are all dumb.


4. one night it was thundering outside, a bird coming into his apartment, with breaking at its mouth.



5.They live together for a while, hearing its voice everyday, and he cut down all the wires of his pets, and they all try to make their sound.



6.Finally he cut down his own wires, and practice to make sound, after a long time, he can shout out to the world.





These are the basic story line of the animation, and we intend to combine the 2D and 3D together, using both AE and Maya. There is a lot of work to do, hoping that we can finish.

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