Pcomp final_after the user test

Last Wednesday, Alex and I survived the User test. People came up with some great suggestions help us  think about better interaction.

So we made the further progress in several aspects below:

  1. fixed some bugs of the boundary problems of visual effects.
  2. Make the music and the visual effect goes more synchronising. They should have a consistency to fade in the out.
  3. The fading speed of the music is related to the numbers of songs which is playing.
  4. According to some users that they can not tell exactly which song they made by themselves and which songs are made by their partners, we enhance the differentiation of music, changed the instruments of some tracks. Besides, as the volume is controlled by the depth sense of Kinect, which is real time oriented, it makes the music more easier to differentiate and the collaborative effects more obvious to see by the users.

Alex and I set up our installations. We use the flexible spandex which is sensitive to the pressure and comfortable to touch. And we made frames using the wood bars which are originally designed for the painting frames. We tested the Kinect  threshold and depth sensitivity in the real scene. It works well. But also comes some challenges, such as the spandex if more hard to press on the edges, so in case the volume is so weak at the edges of the spandex, the mapping formula of the volume and depth should be differentiate at the different parts of the canvas. Besides, when we set up all our equipments, we figured out we are using two many spaces. Daniel gave us some suggestions about the installation which could greatly reduce the space we take. We are so appreciate it and we will keep on making progress to the project after the pcomp final class.

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