Crack of Scilence

The Story:

The background of our story involves a silent world. In this world, all the roles’ mouths are stitched together. One day, a boy finds a wounded bird; its stitch had been taken off. The boy tries to stitch the bird’s mouth again. However, the bird hums and makes out some voice. The voice thrills the boy and he becomes strongly attracted to the bird’s voice. Eventually, the bird flies away and leaves the boy alone. The boy misses the bird’s voice and takes his own stitch off in pain in to hear his own voice. He keeps singing day by day. His voice gets loud and clear, and eventually awakens other people who have kept silent during their whole life…

Project Team:

Muqing Niu (Mother of the story, After Effects, Most graphic)

Naizhen Yang (Father of the story, After Effects, Most Audio)

Xuhui Xu ( Tutor of the Story,  After Effects, Most clip)

Story Board:

IMG_3163 IMG_3164 IMG_3166

IMG_3167 IMG_3168 IMG_3169-e1448249918984IMG_3170-e1448249897158 IMG_3171-e1448249873192 IMG_3172-e1448249762160 IMG_3173 IMG_3174-e1448249827110 IMG_3175 IMG_3176


Working Flow:

The final project evolved from Muqing and Naizhen’s mid-term animation story “Crack of Silence”. We tried to make the 3D stop-motion animation in our midterm. We made a puppy, set up some scenarios, and used Dragonframe to do the stop motion movie making. It was an experimental version.

Alex joined our team when we start to do our final projects. To chase better effect, we decided to make the animation into 2D after discussion. Alex suggested that we should design a reasonable plot about how the boy and the bird meet. Therefore, we added some frames about how the boy bought a scissor from a gardening store, how he tried to cut the vine and how the bird was twined with the vine. We also add an unpleasant cat in the boy’s house to show the depressive atmosphere. In addition, to make our last frame more powerful, we designed a long composition with various colorful windows and added a hymn as the incidental music. To make our animation more delicate, we drew all the scenes and characters again by the Photoshop on a drafting board. It cost much time but it’s worthwhile since we got pretty high resolution in the final video. We also spend many days on drawing and using the After effect to make the movements. We are quite proud of what we made, but we still think the narrative could be more complete. The details and the movements of the animation could be more smoothly as well. Since we are all fond of this story, we will try to recreate it and make it become a profound animation in the future. In the end of the class, we would like to say “thank you” to Marianne, who is our great professor. We had a series of wonderful animation classes and learned many useful skills from them. We all look forward to improving this final project into a professional animation someday. Hope more and more people can find the brave of self-expression from this inspiring story.


What I learned:

When some After Effect mission comes to our teammate Xuhui, he spends a whole day learning how to use several lines of code to make out a three-second puppy walking animation piece. As we have a more than 4 minutes animation to make in less one week, I am worrying the necessarily of program learning. However,  it surprises me that the several lines of code saved us a lot of time in our later after effects, because the computer takes human’s job to do the repetitive works and frees our labor to do more things.

Some methods seem to take a lot of time when we first access to them, but may benefit us in the long-term run. Being open-minded to learn a new method  is as important as the persistence of managing every pixel and detail in the process of chasing perfect. The latter is the responsibility and character as a qualified designer, and the former is the long-term vision as an explorer.


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