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In the history of human being, delivery is always indispensable to human activities as a means of sharing and impartation. The most intuitive vehicles of delivery are our hands. And we wondered, except for real objects like apples, books, and USB disks, what else can be grab and deliver by our hands? Can human hands grab and deliver virtual data? Can human hands be the media of data transfer? Can cloud catalyze the realization of this dream?


Get & Put is cloud-powered magic that makes humans the couriers of virtual data. Get and put empower humans to use their hands grab data from screens and deliver virtual things by hands without carrying any equipment.  Before a depth sensing camera such as Kinect, they can even give data to others hand to hand!

 Let’s see what happened with Get & Put:

We cooperated with Luwan First central primary school. To education, Get & put follows children’s nature, promotes information delivery and knowledge feedbacks between children and teacher. We also  exhibited our cooperated project “cloud classroom” on the 2013 Shanghai Education Expo.


So what is the technology behind?

Our goal is to make human be the media of data transfer, to get data by hand, put data into the screen and give data hand by hand. In order to achieve this, we need to solve two problems.


We need a space to store the data, a space to record the action. And the space is cloud. Get&Put makes users feel like that they are carrying data in hands, but the real story behind is that when the user “grabs” something, it travels into Cloud, and Cloud orientates it to the device the user wants to put data in.


So what we need to know is who is the user, what’s the action and what’s the data.Once users are detected, real-time user identification by face recognition starts to run.


Meanwhile, gesture recognition based on touch screens or motion capture cameras is running to analyze users’ intention.——whether they want to get, put, or throw the data in their hands, or give data to others.


We also design the algorithm to distinguish left and right hand on touch screens. And data are buffered in Cloud. Once a gesture is done, cloud will record this action, including who is the user, what’s the gesture, by which hand, at what time, and buffer the data carried by users’ hands.


The system looks like this. We have face Detection and Motion Recognition at the client side, and face recognition and Data Buffering at Azure. And these modules work asynchronously and cooperate with each other. Get&Put is achieved by the combination of three powers, biometric recognition, wireless network and azure.


For education use, it promotes intimate interaction and feedbacks between children and teachers; For family use, it encourages elder people to enjoy sharing photos and music with other family members; For commercial use, it brings a new style of adverts access and cultural diffusion.

Project Team:

Yi Zhou (Program Manager)

Tianxiong Wang (Developer)

Muqing Niu (Interactive and visual Designer)


How we work out the program:

Our story began in August 2013. Our first step is to generate a good idea. We spent 2 months to do the brainstorm. We generated a lot of ideas, and illustrated and emails during the brainstorm. We discussed and filtered these ideas with our beloved professors. And At the end of September, we finally determined our topic——Get&Put.

In October, we furthered the design of Get&Put, and successfully made a prototype of Get&Put on Windows Phone. From October to November,  these were actually the most creative days and also the gloomiest days. We tried a lot of possibilities for Get&Put; we stayed up in the lab; We faced a lot of doubt and frustrations. But we also got a lot of support and encouragement from our instructors and families.

During the 4 months, we continually proceeded our project.

DSC_0432   DSC_0445

In order to chase perfection,   We enhanced the user experience by making the gesture more intuitive and easier to be learned. We made videos and concept diagrams to propagate our idea. We try to show the coolest part of Get&Put, to tell how the magic of  Get&Put can change peoples’ life.We consulted our ideas to both experts and ordinary people from different backgrounds like IT professors,  educators and financial experts. With their suggestions, we  enriched the functions of get&Put.We brought the magic of Get&Put into Shanghai Luwan Primary school. We hope Get&Put will bring intimate interaction between children and teachers, and inspired the creation of children.We want to share our feeling with them. In these pictures, we are shooting videos for Get&Put. 

DSC_0421 DSC_0414 DSC_0324

We borrowed professional movie shooting equipment from media school, we invited students from the drama club as our actors, we did delicate make ups for our actress. Every ten seconds in the video, which will show you after, spent us 2 hours of work.

So in May, when we got the phone call that we were one of the world finalists of Imagine Cup2013 and we got the tickets to Russia, I cant help cry.

And 2 months later, we were on the plane to Saint. Petersburg.


Imagine Cup 2013 was hold  in St. Petersburg, Russia, with over 80 teams from the entire world competing for the final prizes. It also invited the actor of Doc. Who, an English Movie Star, to be the host. This was the website of Imagine Cup.  We were on the head.


Microsoft settled us in Hotel Park Inn, the best hotel in St. Petersburg. These pictures were taken on the signing up day.

original_rAPH_718800010ed3118f large_cyfc_2e50000084f71260 large_o3e3_15ff00005da3118c

In this picture, we were doing presentations. 


This was the press show case. In this picture, we were demonstrating Get&Put to the judges. Our project was also exhibited to journalists, experts and even legendary people in the IT field.


In the spare time of competition, entertainments were arranged. There were sightseeings and parties. And we had a lot of fun. We also went to the Summer Palace. Microsoft rent the whole summer palace, everyone was gathering at the golden fountain, and a small helicopter was used to take a panorama picture. The fountain was off at first. But when the clock knocked 9 p.m, the music raised and the fountain began to spray. And everyone was so touched and excited. The award ceremony was held in the Alexandra Theatre. There were dancing performances through the ceremony. We were both excited and nervous because the competition was fierce and only one-quarter of the over 80 teams can win a prize. It was like a dream when our names were announced. In this picture, we were awarded the 3rd prize of Mail.Ru award. In this picture, we were awarded the 3rd prize of Azure challenge.

large_UQLW_266e000052e91191 original_Kfyr_340a0000685d118e

We think imagine cup 2013 is the best event we have ever attended. Through Imagine Cup, We obtained prizes, increased our confidence and also made many awesome friends. So I really want to thank Microsoft for giving us such a good memory.


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