Interactive Music——week1

“We are going to develop our compositions starting from 2-5 “Notes” over the course of the semester. Your assignment for this week is to create, find, or choose 2-5 discrete sonic events and create some kind of document of your selection. Consider the relationships between your Notes.

Notes do not need to be inherently pitched or musical; you can think of them as gestures or events.

The documentation of your selection can be a recording, traditional notation, blog post or something else. This document will serve as a record of your process.”

I am thinking about using notes to tell a story of the meaning of my Chinese name. Muqing Niu

Each syllable of the prounouncination of a Chinese name has a corresponding Chinses Character with it.

Like mine, Mu(牧)qing(青) Niu(牛).

Mu牧 represent the wide grazing land.

qing青 means fresh green.

niu牛 represent the cute calf, I combined some audio elements in the track and export all the tracks as a whole.




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