choreographic intervention week 3

painting live.

our original idea is to tell a story about life, from birth to the end of life with spirit spreading. And we also want to combine the theme that drawing with body language.

We found some examples online, classical and modern. We did brainstorm together, thought about the motion graphics and did some rough sketches to express the ideas. Then we start to working on the programming things. We built 7 scenes together and left three days to combine the code together.



We know the combine part could be some difficult but never thought to be that complex the scale problem….We are still having some mapping problems but things are getting better. We have combined one of them. It amazed us that stars project on human body could be so scientific, remind me of the transformer  seeing above the city at night.

We learned how to debug and the scale mechanism of scale function and Kinect, so the next time I guess things will getting further.




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