Choreographic Intervention week4_play with shadow

These pictures are taken two weeks ago when I was in the long beach of Los Angeles. I played Shadow with my friends. I let him move to the right a little bit after I drew the outline of his shadow. Shadow is a good way to reflect figures, movement, as well as memories. It is something you can never hold in hands but it is always there with you.

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1.My first approach is to create a 2D square spot light who has its own shadow delays behind.

I covered a thin paper in front of my screen when the light is moving. I imagine there is a dance or story will start to happen before the translucent stage.


This is a set of cubes in a 3D environment has three lights shooting from three perspectives. When I move the mouse, the light changes due to how many areas are facing the lights. Other parts turn into shadow.


3. The third one is a hand dancing. I simulated the flashlight environment and use a 24-inch monitor lighting up the background. The light changes from dark to light and the changing frequency gradually becomes the more faster as I applied an acceleration to the timer. This idea comes from Sleep No More.



Documentary:(thanks for Melody Hu) This was the first version when I was doing hand dancing on my 15-inch mac book pro.

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