Interactive music week5_My Notes & Your Notes


My previous five notes are from iPhone: “email received”, “message sent”, “type”, “photo” and “screen lock”. This week, I changed my mind of my note choosing.

Music is the most mutual and beautiful language in the world, people communicate through music but could have different understanding according to their experience, emotion, cultural respect, etc. Thousands of Musicians created countless music pieces every day,  offers us a great amount of opportunities to choose the pieces that we like. Which music pieces mostly touched you recently? What did you listen this week? Who is your best musician that never changes for decades? Which kind of style you feel like most resonate with you? This is music, relating to our most recent feelings and our preferences. I am going to let people choose their best five music pieces to be my notes.



people could generate their music name cards on a website and share with others by playing their name cards together and do collaborative music making, thus, they find friends, soul partners according to their music preference.

Once submit, I fill them into a CD, which has been divided into 10 music grid each grid takes a music track. This is going to bend  And I offer them functions to modify the music pieces just like they are doing photo modifying. When playing track is moved from one music taker to another, the previous ones start to decay and the current one fades in.



Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

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