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I missed a lot of umbrellas in my life. I wonder where they are right now. In my imaginary, there is a world full of umbrellas.

How can I remember to take my umbrella when I leave the place?

I try to recall my memories of every lose. Usually when the rain is light or medium when I was ahead to a place. I need to take out my umbrella to avoid getting wet. When I arrived at the place, I couldn’t pack my umbrella in my bag right away, and I left it somewhere near me. When I left the place, the rain stopped.

Another scenario could be: Left the umbrella on the subway or bus, when I remembered it, it was too late to get it back.

The pain point of losing umbrella is that the umbrella is not a stuff that we carry with us every day. On the one hand, most of us haven’t formed a habit of taking care of our umbrellas as we take care of our phones. On the other hand, after a long time of talking, studying, working, etc, we distract our memory of the rain, especially when it was not heavy, and already stopped. Lacking habits to take umbrellas and missing clues to remember to take umbrellas are the leads to the loss of umbrella.

Offer a hint from a stuff that we care, something we carry every day. If the stuff has the capability to carry information with low cost or not cost, it could be better. How about we have a notification on our phone?Our smartphones all have ways to know about today’s weather, can it send a notification to users. Whenever people check their phones, they will remember about the rain, about their umbrellas?


User Testing

Testee : 10 college students

Test flow:

1. 1 min self-walking around

2. ask about basic understanding

3. Walk them through again, ask follow-up questions about each page.





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