Children abduction alert system:Amber Alert


On January 13th, 1996 Amber Hagerman was abducted while riding her bicycle with her little brother. Four days later she was found murdered. The unsolved abduction and murder of Amber Hagerman is the most famous case of it’s kind in United States history. It was this single tragic event that leads to the creation of the Amber Alert System and the National Sex Offender Registry.

After the activating of Amber alert, average successful child recovery in the whole country ramps up to 97% compares to the previous ratio of 3%.


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And most of the children are reported safe inside 12 hours, let’s take the statistics of Time between reported missing the activation in 2014 as an example. As we know, if a child can not be found within 48 hours, the recovery chance will drop to be very low.






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