App1: Fog of world

This is an app often made me feel that I should start to use it earlier. The Fog of world, recording the places I visit and shows it on a map. This is not a new concept. but the app takes advantages of the gaming award strategies to arouse users craving for the awards brought by the app and gradually prompt them to form a habit of using the app.

I have seen many apps record travel places before. For instance, the one I found in WeChat extensions. They give you a map.  You can tap on countries you’ve been to before, and the country you tabbed will be colored green. Then you can take a screenshot and share the map on social medias. It is a good idea, but it is a one-time interaction. Instead of marking the city or the country you visit, fog of world marks on every street. The world in the app is covered with a semitransparent layer of fog. Every street you go, no matter on foot or by bus, it will blow away the fog on the street. The progress bar on the top shows a sensible increment coordinate with the amount of fog you erased on the map, it gives a score, also a percentage how many areas of the world you have explored. And there is always a chance to get a badge when you explore something new. Even you walk on the same street for several times, you may also get a chance to be rewarded as a deep explorer on that street. By breaking down the progress and focusing on every small easy-to-reach objective, and making awards come at a proper amount at the proper time. it makes the travel record a delightful and repetitive experience.

It uses the GPS to record my routines. Even I am travelling to a foreign country without cellular service or data signal, it will still record, and sync the data on the map when I recovered my signal. So now every time I travel, I will just keep the app running at the backend on my phone. And every time when I check my progress, it makes me feel so good.


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