App2: Google docs_What makes it so popular

When talking about Google docs, I would like to compare it with Google docs.

lite and simple. Easy to get a start. The entrance is only two click. Everything is online, doesn’t need to be saved manually. As for the functions, although it is not as powerful as Microsoft Office. Microsoft is even enough for designers to build prototypes. But for many users, they don’t need so many features, such as grid system, aligning tools.  Google Docs is a simple tool to organize information and make slides. It has a much shorter learning curve, which is an advantage over Microsoft Office.

So when the functions are good to use, and it isfFree.Why buy something when you can get the equivalent for free?

The third and also the most important. Real-time collaboration. You can even use it as a chat window. While it is very hard to collaborate with Microsoft office. Google docs is a network application, while Microsoft Office is more like a software.

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