Punch card? Please don’t do it in a internet enterprise.

This reminds me of the X theory and Y theory of human motivation and management. The ‘Theory X’ manager believes that all actions should be traced and the responsible individual is given a direct reward or a punishment according to the action’s outcomes. This managerial style is more effective when used in a workforce that is not intrinsically motivated to perform. It is suitable for repetitive tasks where creativity is not important. “Theory Y is almost in complete contrast to that of Theory X”. Theory Y managers make assumptions that people in the workforce are internally motivated, enjoy their labor in the company, and work to better themselves without a direct “reward” in return. Theory Y is suitable for the network enterprises. They hire smart, determined people for a positive and creative working environment. Punch card will definitely decrease points for the healthy working atmosphere. It stresses too much on working time, but not the working outcome. And if working 5 fewer minutes could influence the performance evaluation of an individual, how does company expect their employees spend 5 more minutes thinking very hard to make better products? It’s relative.



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