Design as Strategy and Practice Week1

Creating Something

Painting on bottles

I am painting on an alcohol bottle every day. As a practice, it is sustaining and contemplative. It’s sort of like a visual journal that reflects memories, life, patterns, and friends. Also,  I will pick some as gifts for my father. My father likes alcohol and is passionate about alcohols he has not tried. I want to thank him for always supporting my study abroad, and always seeing my dreams as his own.



Axis thinking

Descriptive language is hard to depict what we have in mind, as there are infinite possibilities between two extreme positions we set, and sometimes we need to go far as to put several pairs of extreme positions together, which made the expression even harder to be concise to be perceived by others. When we think of something, my find out my emotional thinking lead and connection of my thoughts and I always try to express my thinking route in a logic way using said language. This feels like transit the analog signal into the digital signal, while I will lose a big part of information when I do this conversion. However, people can take advantage of this character, such as changing the words they put on the extreme points, which will make a big difference. Since China joined in WTO and opened the market the world, it shows that the old dualism “communism capitalism” was revealed to conceal a host of possible hybrids. Chinese government found a word between them, “socialism with Chinese characteristics“, thus they can hold their political standpoint while pushing the “reform and open” forward.



Interaction with a store “Gracefully”.

I record my emotional and physical interaction with a store “Gracefully.”  It is near my apartment, and I constantly drop by. I perceived that there may be an implicit bond between the store and me.

Day1: I did not plan to go to this store. But it is on my right. I started to think about whether to buy a yogurt( I am not very into yogurt actually), and I came in. But yogurt, and some other food.

Day2: I did not plan to enter the store. I went back home with Naichen(my roommate). She said “can you wait for me for a moment, I wanted to buy some eggs. ” “OK, I will go with you.” I entered the store with her and bought some fruit for myself.

Day3: I called an Uber to head to see a musical with my friend. I should wait about five mins. I hear the door open and close by customers, it seemed a little bit cold waiting outside. I unconsciously went into the store. When my Uber came, I get out the store with nothing bought.

Da4:It’s Monday. I don’t need to go outside on Monday.

Day5: Thesis day. I went home late. After I got off the school bus, I see the bright yellow lights inside the store, I went in with my roommate with an implicit understanding. We wondered in the store and tried to find something we had interests. Finally, we bought some fruits and snacks as usual.

Day6 Wednesday  Did not want to go in… I need to buy the batteries for my new label maker, I walked in the store. “Do you have batteries?” ” Sorry, we don’t have. You can try CVS” “Ok… Thanks”

Day7 Thursday


  1. When my friends go, I will keep accompanied.
  2. The light and the storage I can see through the window drive me in.
  3. My interaction usually happens at night, the surroundings make the store more obviously. And I usually head back home at around 9:00.


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