Space_ A secret space behind a plant wall


There is a space behind the plant wall. The plants have some small stitches that light can pass through. Behind the plant wall, there is a 3D space extending to a destination far away. The light fade in and out unevenly, it’s not a robot or some natural things. Is someone sending a signal? Are they looking for something? What is the light behind the wall? I just can’t see clearly. The plant smells great, I took a deep breath and felt the wind. I want to break through the plant wall and see what’s on the other side. Why is the light point towards this direction? What can they see through the plant wall from the other side? Do they know I am here?  Is it a passage? Where is the passage connecting to? Can I get on board? There are so many questions I want to ask. This is a dream I had after I saw the movie Interstellar.


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